‘A mile a day in May’- we are nearly at the halfway stage of our challenge already!

Fact: Woodthorpe children are wonderful!

These last 14 days seem to have flown by! I hope you are all still enjoying being active every day in May so far. It has been lovely hearing from so many of you as to what you have been up to, from walking your dog to swimming, and to hear about how your fundraising is going. A BIG well done to everyone who has been out no matter the weather.

Well done to Amelie (Reception) and Riley (Year 3), who have both been very active recently- keep up the great work!

Your teachers have also been busy getting in their steps today for Day 14 of our challenge.

Don’t forget to send in any pictures you have to y3homeschool@woodthorpe-school.com and include in the email that you are happy for your pictures to be shown on blog/ twitter sites.

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Pyjama day + targets

Good evening everyone!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, I haven’t been able to get many pictures as of late because the ipad is broken. Should be sorted soon and I can start updating the blog site more regularly again!

Tomorrow is pyjama day! The children can wear their pyjamas into school (with their school shoes I would recommend). Please do not send children in with bedtime toys, instead each child can bring a bedtime story to share with the class (please have your child’s name in the book so it doesn’t get muddled in with the others). Should be a fun day!

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Each child should have brought home a sheet with their writing, reading. and math targets. Any target that has a star drawn next to it is the target I am working towards for your child. Nearly every child has been given the target to be able read their work out loud and discuss what they have written with a peer/adult. This is essential practice for helping children develop metacognition skills and encourage clearer handwriting, better spelling, and more concise grammar. Nearly every child has been given the target of counting forwards and backwards in 2s and 5s (we have 10s down by now). Developing successful learning techniques for times tables in Year 1 will increase the chances of your child being able to memorize the more difficult times tables in Y3/4.

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Today we finished the unit on multiplication and division which is a notoriously tricky unit for children to grasp. The children should have in their book bags a short set of problem solving and reasoning questions to do with division and multiplication which you may wish to go through with them together (completely optional).

I hope everyone has a good evening, looking forward to tomorrow and seeing the bedtime stories that each child brings in!

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Mr Markham

Attendance Update

Congratulations to our Reception class for earning 100% attendance during the week commencing Monday 26th April 2021. Our whole-school average was 98.30%, which is comfortably above our target. Keep it going everyone! Great start to the summer term! @WJISRR #AttendanceMatters 📈

Day 9 accomplished

What a nice treat it is to have the sun back out. I hope you’re all enjoying getting active every day. We are already nearly 1/3 of the way through May’s mammoth ‘1 mile a day in May’ challenge!

A BIG well done to Nathaniel (Year 3), who has been out riding his bike to the park with Dad. What a fun way to be active, Nathaniel!

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Your teachers, Ms Boffey, Ms Lodge and Ms Owen, have also been busy getting in their steps today.

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Don’t forget to send in any pictures you have to y3homeschool@woodthorpe-school.com and include in the email that you are happy for your pictures to be shown on blog/ twitter sites.

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10 Positive Daily Reminders that will Keep You on the Right Track - Pose &  Repeat

Day 7 completed of our ‘1 mile a day in May’ challenge

And… just like that, we’ve reached the end of Day 7 in our ‘1 mile a day in May’ challenge! Time seems to be flying by as quickly as you’re all moving! Keep up the excellent effort everyone– it takes real perseverance to get out every day, especially when the weather is so unpredictable. Everyone is working so hard to be active each day whilst raising money for the school at the same time!

Here is Isla (Year 1) on Day 6 of the challenge. She walked to the park and had lots of fun playing and swinging on the zip-line with her big brother before walking back home.

Here is Abbaas (Year 3) out and about walking to complete his ‘1 mile a day’ for Day 6- what a great action shot!

Year 3 completed their ‘1 mile a day’ today (Day 7) like the active superheroes they are!

Your teachers have been busy too getting active for Day 7.

Don’t forget to send in any pictures you have to y3homeschool@woodthorpe-school.com and include in the email that you are happy for your pictures to be shown on blog/ twitter sites.

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Remote learning – 06.5.21

Good morning Year 1! How are you all? It’s polling day today and all over the country adults are making their voice heard in the local elections. I am in teacher training all morning (I think they’re going to give me ways to keep my desk tidy, or maybe how to remember the afternoon register), so please find underneath your work for today!

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For RWI –

I would like you to retell the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ from the Big Bad Wolf’s perspective. This is a fun exercise where it is important to think carefully about the thoughts and voice that the Big Bad Wolf would use.

A good way to begin would be to role play as the Big Bad Wolf. Tell the story of the Three Little Pigs out loud and practise retelling the events through the eyes of the Big Bad Wolf. As usual, you have free reign to change the story or the characters to suit yourself!

Two important points especially for the high flyers amongst you:

You are retelling the story. Which means you must use past tense verbs in your writing. My group have done work on this in class. For example: if you were describing the pigs running from their houses, you would change the verb ‘run’ into the past tense verb ‘ran’.

Make sure to include plenty of expanded noun phrases. Each time you use a noun (house, pig, chimney, straw, wood, brick…), expand the noun by using adjectives (big, fat, tall, yellow, strong, tough…) that give the reader more information that will help you retell the story with detail!

Make sure you read your work throughout writing it and after you have finished. Fix your mistakes in spelling and check what you have written makes sense!

Best of luck,

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For Maths –

Please find attached the worksheets for todays Maths. The learning objective is to make equal groups. This is an essential early skill for developing the foundations of division.

Here are two extra questions if you find those easy…

Once you have mastered these questions, have a go at solving these problems. Remember to use full sentences when answering. Could you explain your answer to a child in Reception?

Too easy? Try these out for size…

Afternoon learning

Yesterday we had a lesson about greetings and what are the appropriate greetings we can use when we see each other (without Covid). Do we greet everyone the same way? Why do we greet some people one way and others differently? Do we physically greet strangers the same way we might greet out parents or people that we love? Why is that?

Create a short reflection (you can do this however you like) on greetings. Maybe you could think about your favourite greeting. Do you have any interesting thoughts about why we choose to greet some people differently to each other?

What should we do if we feel like somebody is greeting us in a way that makes us feel uncomfortable or uneasy?

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Hopefully that’s not too tricky an afternoon for us. If you are looking for extra work then it would be a good idea to practice observing and drawing nature. Pick an object from nature to study and draw it carefully and slowly. Pause to observe your object as often as you can!

Best of luck!

Have a great day,

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Mr Markham