Time flies…

Good afternoon everyone!

Its been another big week in 1JM and there is a lot to share and to celebrate! Firstly, a massive thank you to children and parents for achieving 100 percent attendance yesterday and today. This is brilliant for me as a teacher because it means that the progress I’m charting for each pupil and the steps I’ve planned for class learning aren’t interrupted. It’s also great for the children to not miss out on forming those social bonds at play or during class talk. Importantly, the high standards of attendance have also meant that I have been able to baseline all the children during this assessment week. Knowing what the children know and don’t know is essential to my lesson planning and the results from the Maths test have already shaped this weeks lessons!

This week we were also able to finish our transition unit ‘Here we Are’. The children have worked so hard and so well to complete 10 extra sessions of work alongside settling into the new timetable. One of the sections focused on those questions that babies might like to ask but are unable to because they can’t communicate yet. We discussed that those questions might be using the illustration from the story. Then, we thought about those questions that we might still have as children. We then set to the task of recreating the same page spread as a class but with our own questions illustrated personally. Check it out.

What questions can you seen in the character’s head?

Soon after, the book transported us to our next class discussion. This time the focus was on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – that is to say that time moves relative to what we are doing in the moment. It’s important to allow children to chance to grapple with very difficult concepts, you’ll be surprised by how much they are able to understand! We spoke about those moments when what we are doing makes time feel as if it’s moving slow, and those moments when what we are doing makes time feel like it’s moving fast. The class were then able to come up with a poem together based on those moments when time feels like it’s going slowly. After only a small amount of practice with the amazing Mrs Agunsoye, the children were able to create a small performance which they shared with the year 2s! Please enjoy.

A little unpolished but impressive for only 40 mins rehearsal!

Soon after, we were able to move onto finishing our module with a look at all the kind people we can ask of we have questions. We then discussed what notes/guidance we would give to a baby about living on Earth. Please enjoy a video of the children’s responses.

What notes would you give for living on Planet Earth?

I hope you enjoyed another update on all the happenings going on in 1JM. The children have done so well this assessment week so far and the results are very promising. It seems that the gaps in learning are more urgent in the children re-learning how to play and interact in bigger groups than they might have been used to during lockdown. At school we are spending time to make the children aware of the kind and correct way to play together and look after each other as a team.

Have a great day!

Owl Sticker GIF by тαуℓσя fαує ; | Gfycat

Mr Markham.

2 thoughts on “Time flies…”

  1. Another fabulous week in Year 1👍👍 it’s so lovely to see what the children are doing. They are all working so hard👍 Isla has said it’s the best class ever👍👍 she comes home everyday with such excitement.
    Love the song they performed. Well done Mrs Agunsoye on doing a great job👍👍
    Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! It is the best class ever, as I tell them every day.
      Mrs Agunsoye is a legend.
      Happy Friday, have a great weekend.
      Mr Markham


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