Reading ribbons

I’ve had a few inquiries about the reading ribbons and how children are able to get their ribbons and what parents should be doing with the words that are sent home.

At least 5 words are sent home each week, though sometimes there may be more. Each ribbon that the children earn is 45 words that they have learnt and are able to read when Mrs Agunsoye assesses them weekly. There are 7 ribbons to earn in total so that is 315 words that the children have been asked to read. The children are assessed a sheet at a time and will not progress to the next sheet until they have completed the previous one.

Parents should practice the words sent home with the children, but the sheets do not need to be brought back in. They are yours to keep. Sometimes your child may be sent home a sheet with dots next to certain words, these are the words that Mrs Agunsoye has identified as being not read fully by your child. Sometimes they may be close to reading it, but we have judged that they are not confident or fluent enough to be awarded the pass as of yet.

Once they have completed all these 7 ribbons, then that portion of their reading is complete.

1 thought on “Reading ribbons”

  1. That was really helpful. Thank you.
    I really like this method. I am sure Eshal – Zahra cannot wait to collect more ribbons.


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