Home learning 02.11.20 (afternoon)

Good afternoon Year 1!

Let me begin by thanking those parents who picked up their children so quickly after being told they would need to self-isolate. It’s been a bit of a hectic day for sure!

For those parents who have messaged in saying they are unable to access their Teams account because their passwords don’t work. Today’s Teams lesson was not streamed so you have not missed anything yet. I am working with Mr Trevor to set the Teams up and get everything ready to go ready for tomorrow morning, so thank you for your patience. I will always upload the work onto the blog site as a plan B.

For today’s afternoon learning,

I wanted to use this afternoon to finish off the art topic from last term which ended up looking at 3D models. The plan was for the children to paint their own unique designs onto a plastic disposable water bottle with the purpose being that we could then create a whole class 3D model!

I appreciate that you may not have access to paint equipment at home or to a plastic water bottle and if that is the case, then the children can use today’s afternoon session instead to design their bottle. Please use the template below.

The design should include colours and patterns and whatever else the children feel inspired to create. Encourage them to d this task in a calm environment and not to rush through. Before they start they should have spent some time talking and developing ideas for what they want to include and what they want their bottle to look like. Children must use at least 7 different colours and include one unique picture on their design. Included in the design prompt is the use of scissors to cut the bottle and add to the design in that way also.

If you are able to paint and create this yourself at home then fantastic! If not then please complete the design, bring it in, and then we can complete it at school when we are all back.

That is all for this afternoon’s home learning. Thank you for your patience again, I will continue to do my best to make sure this isolation period does not have a negative impact on your children’s education and that the remote learning is the best it can be with the methods provided.

Mr Markham.

4 thoughts on “Home learning 02.11.20 (afternoon)”

  1. Thank you Mr Markham for updates. I can only imagine it being a stressful time for you all at Woodthorpe school. But you are all doing a fantastic job 👍
    Isla is loving all the school work set and we are more than happy to complete what is set.
    Stay safe everyone🌈

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  2. Well done for getting the morning and afternoon lessons published so quickly – they’re really helpful and we’ve found them easy to follow. Thank you.


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