Tomorrow’s Teams lessons.

Hello parents!

Thank you for your comments of support on the blog, I appreciate that this is a tough time for the children and all of us invested in their education and I have spent today doing my best to make sure that the remote learning that will commence tomorrow is thorough and accessible to all the children.

In the Teams Year 1 page I have created a file called ‘Children’s work’. If you open this file you will see a list of files for each of the children in the class.

Once your child has completed their work, it would be really great if you could take a picture and, if possible, upload their work into their relevant file. This will improve the remote learning the children will have access to because it will allow me to provide feedback as a means of deepening learning, correcting mistakes, and offering encouragement to your child. Please remember that the work does not need to be 100 percent or finished if your child has shown they are unable to within a reasonable time frame (such as that of the hour lesson). It is not unusual for a child to need more time after a lesson to fix work they have done or to finish work they were unable to complete the first time and my feedback will help them with that. What is important is that the children remember to uphold the high standards for presentation as best as possible. In Maths this means checking that they numbers have been formed correctly (not back to front), and in writing this means pre cursive (as best as they can), reasonable sized letters formed correctly, and writing which is straight (lined paper is best if available).

It is important that we do not compare work with other children’s files as this is not respectful to either child and neither is it helpful anyway as every child has unique strengths and is on their unique learning journey. I will be providing a model for how the work should look as part of the Teams teaching.

Also in the files tab will be the class materials for each lesson. This will be the class materials file and each lesson will be dated. Ideally any questions can be printed off for the children to complete ( I will provide lines next to the questions to help with their presentation). If you are unable to print off the resources then children can still write their answers in pencil on paper as best they can. Please email me to let me know if you are having issues printing the resources so that I can make school aware of the issue and arrange a solution.

I know that you have had a letter sent home with a lot of the information regarding Teams already but I hope this post was useful in giving you an idea of how tomorrow will look anyway. I will continue to be in contact through the blog and through emails.

Also, I will be doing the same Maths lesson as was on the blogsite today tomorrow. This is is because I feel it is an important lesson and I know that the children who came into school may not have had the chance to access the blog site. The questions the children will complete will be different anyway so it will be a good opportunity even for those who did do the lesson to deepen their learning.

I know this is a lot of information, this must be hard to manage especially considering a lot of you have jobs and lives outside of this too, thank you for helping me and for showing why this is the best class in the universe with your level of engagement via email and in making sure you have access to Teams. I appreciate it!

Mr Markham

7 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Teams lessons.”

  1. Thank you so much for updating us Mr Markham with the necessary information. Lots to take in but I’m sure we will all do our best with it.
    Just a quick question is this a live lesson as I have to take Owen to school and wont be able to start until 9.30am with Isla.
    Stay safe everyone 🌈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is live but it will also be recorded, thank you for reminding me. Once the lesson has been streamed it will be available to watch at a time that is convenient.


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