Home learning – 03.11.20 (afternoon)

First of all, a massive thank you to parents and children for being such superstars this morning. I have to be honest and say that I was feeling quite a bit stressed/anxious yesterday and last night getting everything ready for my first ever remote learning lesson! But you guys were so amazing creating a happy, safe, and productive learning environment almost instantly and that is a massive credit to you all 🙂

I had planned to start the new Science topic this afternoon but I haven’t been able to access the planning on the school system, so instead I thought we could deepen our understanding of our last topic which was materials.

In particular I wanted to look at puddle in greater depth.

Jumping in Muddy Puddles... - Beyond Tired
Not anybody that I know! Credit to google images.

What material is a puddle made from? Can you tell your adult?

Now that you’ve told them the material, can you list 5 properties that the material has? What state are particles that make up the puddle in? Solid, liquid, or gas?

Can you draw what these particles would like if we could see them? Can you show your adult?

We looked at previously how puddles don’t stay the same shape. We know that they can get bigger and also shrink. What causes them to get bigger? What causes them to shrink?

Now here comes the hard part, are you ready? I need your help observe changes in a puddle that’s in my local par. Here it is:

Leamington parkrun #459 How to jump puddles? | Leamington parkrun

I’m looking for a way to measure whether it is getting bigger or smaller over a week.

How can I measure how bigger or smaller it is getting? I don’t want to take pictures because I want to get an exact answer.

How often should I observe the changes to the puddle? Every day? Twice a day? Every minute? What do you think is best and why?

How should I record the changes? Am I going to write it down? What should it look like?

For this lesson you necessarily need to write anything down, you could answers all these in a conversation or over email to me or however you like! Make sure you are giving yourself time to really think about your answers though, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your answers too!

Best of luck,

Thank you again for a lovely day! See you tomorrow 🙂

Mr Markham

2 thoughts on “Home learning – 03.11.20 (afternoon)”

  1. Thanks for the great online lessons today. It can’t be easy having lots of parents in on these virtual lessons either, especially on the first day!


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