Home learning 4.11.20 (afternoon)

Good afternoon Year 1!

Well done on your excellent participation today again on Teams. I’m not sure how many of you noticed, but we had two silent visitors in Ms McGrath and Mr Trevor and they both said they were very impressed with the learning environment we had all created. I love hearing other teachers praise you guys because I’m so proud to be your teacher! Keep up the good work.

For afternoon learning we are going to start with PSHE.

At the start of the year we created a class charter so that we could establish the rules, rights, and responsibilities that would help create the best possible learning environment. We spoke about the importance of raising our hand, looking after the environment, and being taught the correct information. Doing this work early on has been so great because it has guided us in how we should act this year in the classroom.

What I want you today is to create a class charter, but this time for remote learning. This will be really useful for me because I need to hear your voice for how these sessions should work. It’s obvious to me from how well you all have responded to the challenge of remote learning that you have a good idea of how it all works, so I’m looking forward to seeing your ideas!

For this task I would like you to create a poster with all the rights, rules, and responsibilities written in full sentences. Make the poster as colourful and pretty as you can and send a picture of what you’ve made to me. Maybe I can show some of them tomorrow…


For your R.E lesson,

We are looking at how we express joy. Joy is the feeling of happiness and excitement we all feel at different times in our life. What makes you feel Joy? When we have a really good lesson (most days) I feel joy. I also feel joy when I’m with my family (most of the time), and when I’m playing a really good game of tennis or running very fast. Write down or draw a picture of the things that bring you joy.

This is an excerpt from a song that Christians sing celebrating the joy they feel when they remember the day that Jesus was born. Jesus is a very important person in religion and especially to Christians who know him as the Son of God.

Joy to the world, the Lord is come!
Let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare Him room,
And heav’n and nature sing,
And heav’n and nature sing,
And heav’n, and heav’n, and nature sing.

Have a go at singing the song, how do you think Christians feels when they are singing this song. Do you think they feel joy? What else might they feel?

Can you create your own song celebrating something else that brings you joy? You could write it down or just practice it or make it however you think is best! I’m looking forward to seeing your work.

Good luck Year 1!

Mr Markham

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