Remote learning 05.01.21

Good morning Year 1!

Sorry that this blog hasn’t been posted earlier, I have been grappling with computer issues (of course, perfect timing) at school and so instead I am using one of the Computer Suite desktops so that I can upload today’s work. I will be posting an update on remote learning later as I get more information, thank you for your patience!

For this morning’s work, I would like the children to extend their learning from yesterday’s lesson looking a the prefixes ‘un’ and ‘re’. Yesterday, I showed them how the prefix ‘un’ changes the meaning of a root word so that instead it means the opposite.

Can we remember where prefixes go in a word? (Children should be able to say that prefixes go at the beginning of words. Bonus points if they compare this to suffixes which are found at the end of words).

Let’s look at some examples. The word ‘happy’ is a word we all know means when we are feeling good. Can you think of 3 things that make you feel happy?
Now, remember that when we apply the prefix ‘un’, this changes the meaning of the root word so that it now means the opposite. Let’s add the prefix ‘un’ to the root word ‘happy’. Do prefixes go at the beginning of words or at the end?

Prefixes go at the beginning of words. In our example, ‘happy’ becomes ‘unhappy’. ‘Unhappy’ works as an antonym of ‘happy’. This means that means the opposite of ‘happy’. Can you explain to your adult how the prefix ‘un’ works?

Now, as your activity: I want you to think of as many words as possible that use the prefix ‘un’. Give yourself 10 minutes to do so. You can talk to an adult and do it with them, you can use a storybook to help you, and you can even use the internet and a dictionary. Now practice spelling 8 of these words. You should notice that each spelling begins the same because each word shares the same prefix.

Next, turn these spellings into sentences. Think about what each word means. If you are unsure, can you understand the meaning of the root word without the prefix before it? This will help us because we know the prefix ‘un’ tells us that the words meaning will be the opposite of the root word.

EXT – Now can you do the same for the prefix ‘re’?


For Maths, yesterday we looked finding the difference. The class practised counting on from the smaller part of two unequal parts in order to find the difference.

For example, the difference between 10 and 8 is 2. I know this because I counted on from 8 until I reached 10 which took me two ‘jumps’. To help me, I used my number line.

It is important that the children use this practice to now answer reasoning and problem solving questions. Allow some time for your child to independently read and understand what the question is asking them. Afterwards, talk through the questions to clarify with them what they are being asked o do so that they can successfully practise the skill required to find the answers.

Once the children have attempted these questions, go through them again and ask them to explain step by step how they found their answer. Then, show them step by step how you would solve the question.

Best of luck! I will be in contact very soon with information about the coming months. Thank you for your understanding.

Mr Markham

7 thoughts on “Remote learning 05.01.21”

  1. Thanks Mr Markham, no worries. Always tricky when dealing with technology but we appreciate you getting this to us. Mrs Pickering had posted last night so we’d started to work through that work. We assume it’s ok to carry on with this and then maybe review your work later – or would you prefer we switch at this point? Thanks as always for all you and the rest of the staff are doing. Look forward to hearing more about the remote learning in due course. Keep safe!


  2. Good Mr Markham
    Thank you for updating information for children’s learning. We have already started Mrs Pickering’s work as I have Year 4 work to complete also with Owen Do u want us to complete your work too?
    Also like last will online lessons be recorded?
    As I’m teaching 2 children it wont be possible to see both lessons live?
    Thank you for all the amazing work you are all doing at Woodthorpe school. As parents we are so grateful.
    Stay safe everyone 🌈🌈
    From Isla and Mrs Heath.


  3. Update: Apologies, I completely forgot with all the madness that Mrs Pickering will be assigning work on Tuesday mornings as usual. If you have already done this work then fantastic, however, if you have not then just do the work Mrs Pickering has given. Thank you again everyone!


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