Update from your Class Teacher re: everything!

Firstly, let me begin by saying thank you for all your kind gifts and well wishes in the form of all the cards and presents I got before we broke up for Christmas. The chocolates and treats were were very well received in my house (though I feel I didn’t get the lion’s share) and the beer was very refreshing! All the gifts and cards were very generous and I felt very touched. I hope the children liked their small gifts too (they were hand made by my girlfriend especially).

Now onto the important stuff… Apologies for the late update, I have been waiting on as much information as possible so that I don’t give any misinformation and am following the school policy that has been created for this scenario. Obviously I have the advantage of the wholly positive experience of the online learning we all did last time, but this scenario is a little different and so there are some changes and some things that will be very familiar. Please excuse the huge block of information!

First and foremost, Mrs Agunsoye will no longer be in class to help me deliver my lessons either online or with the children who will still be on site. At the moment I will be delivering lessons both to the class of children who still qualify as needing to come to school and online to every other child via Microsoft Teams just as before.

The morning lessons will remain very similar to how we went about it last time we did remote learning. Starting at 9.15, with half an hour input before I set the children on task. After allowing time for the children to finish their task I will address the whole class together to give a round-up of the lesson with feedback based on what I’ve seen in class and from the children online.

The second session will begin at 10.30 after the children have had a break. This lesson will follow the same format as the first lesson.

What has changed is that the afternoon sessions will also be on Teams! Every afternoon I will be delivering a 30 minute session where I will deliver fine motor skills, spelling, and speed sounds (including alien words).

I will then introduce the afternoon learning focus. The amount of input will change depending on the lesson focus (the timetable is available under the timetable tab on the blog). These sessions will begin at 12.45.

At 2.15 the children will log on for the last time for a reflection on afternoon learning and a look at all they have done in the day. This will be used as a chance for the children to have ‘Time to Talk’. In these session the aim is for the children to talk with their peers and within the new class environment about everything and anything. This will be very important in making sure that all the children feel connected to school even despite the lockdown!

I will always end the day with a class story and a goodbye message.

I hope this update is helpful. Hopefully, as before, things will become simpler as we get used to learning in this new format. I want you to know that I am committed to working as hard as I can to deliver the best possible learning for every child in my class (at home and at school). I am confident in all of our ability to rise to the challenges posed by this new direction just as the children have shown their ability to do so a thousand times over already.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me via the Y1 email! I will check them every day and endeavour to respond as swiftly as possible.

Thank you again everyone. Let’s continue to be the best class in the universe!

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Mr Markham

14 thoughts on “Update from your Class Teacher re: everything!”

  1. Thank you so much for all of the information. The Christmas gift was much appreciated-being homemade makes it even more special so please pass on our thanks to your girlfriend. I hope tomorrow goes well. Alice is looking forward to it. Thanks again!


  2. Thanks Mr M. You’ve really thought about the children and how this will work. The previous Teams teaching worked ok for Elijah overall so once everyone gets used to the new system, it will hopefully work well! Thanks to your girlfriend for the decoration, we wondered who had been crafty!

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  3. Thank you so much Mr Markham for all the updated information regarding remote learning Isla will attend as many live lessons as possible. Some may be recorded ones as have Owen’s lessons too!
    Hope Mrs Agunsoye is ok? I’m sure like last time you will do a great job 👍👍 we are just all so grateful for all what you are doing at Woodthorpe school 👍👍
    Isla loved her Christmas present, she is treasuring forever! Your girlfriend has such a wonderful talent.
    Stay safe everyone 🌈🌈

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    1. Hi Laura, you’re very welcome. Yes the plan is to record all the lessons, I forgot today! Going forward I have a note on my computer to make sure I remember from now on.
      I’m so glad Isla liked the present, yes she is very talented 🙂


  4. Thanks so much for the update and for Hannah’s lovely christmas present, it was a lovely addition to our Christmas tree! We will have to drop Hannah’s little sister Ellie off at nursery for 9am; hopefully we should be back to start on teams at 9.15, but please forgive us if Hannah is a little late! Same in the afternoon I have to pick Ellie up at 3pm, what time will the 2.15pm session finish? We will have to leave by 2.45 I’m afraid.

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  5. Thank you Mr Markham. As always so much detail and everything has been so well thought through. I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow. Emily will no doubt be better with the technology than me by the end of this! Thanks again.


  6. Thank you so much Mr Markham, as always you’re so thorough and explain everything so well. You’re all doing amazingly well under the circumstances so thank you so much. I assume the Teams invites will appear in the pupil’s inboxes as usual to log in. I’m sure as before Daniel will love the technology aspect! See you all tomorrow!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Tim! It was great to see and hear Daniel today. He gave a very cheery hello every time he was unmuted which was very encouraging.

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  7. Thanks for such a detailed update. Willuam is looking forward to the teams lesson tomorrow, though I had to explain he won’t see your cat this time. And thanks for his lovely decoration.


    1. Thank you to William for his excellent participation today. It’s a shame Sonny can’t make her usual appearance haha.


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