First week of blended learning, an update from your Class Teacher.

Good evening Year 1!

Thank you for all the work submitted so far in the children’s work folder, I will be attaching feedback in the same folder over the weekend.
It’s been an experience adapting to a new style of teaching, especially with the problems with technology that conveniently arose (perfect timing haha). Overall I feel confident that I can use what we’ve learnt from this first week to adapt and create blended learning experience that’s functional and will maintain the good progress the children have made so far.

It’s been wonderful to see the high level of attendance for all of the sessions as this is vital for your child’s continued growth.

Thank you to all of those who have been in touch with feedback, concerns, questions, and updates on your child. I am doing my best to get back to all of you in due course and any information you give helps me in knowing how I should deliver these lessons.

There were some issues with the chat feature and the meeting feature being used not for a lesson or communication between parent and teacher. Just a reminder, children should not be accessing the chat or meeting feature to talk to their friends. Please arrange other means to allow them to stay in touch.

Going forward next week I will be uploading the work in the Class Materials folder the night before the session. This is how to access the Class Materials folder:

Click on the ‘Files’ option from the tabs shown above
Once you are on this screen. Select the Class Materials file
Within the folder there are these folders dated for each day of work. Select the folder with the days work you are looking for.
Within the file will be worksheets names after each subject. Click on these to open and print the correct document.

Thank you again everyone and well done especially to each of the children for the strength they’ve shown once again. Looking forward to next week and growing in this new form of learning together.

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Mr Markham

1 thought on “First week of blended learning, an update from your Class Teacher.”

  1. Brilliant first work of remote learning. Thank you Mr Markham and Mrs Agunsoye. You are both superstars and we are so grateful for all your amazing efforts. Looking forward to the week ahead of learning.
    Happy Monday everyone 👍🌈


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