Reflecting on last week, looking forwards to this week, and using Assignments!

Good morning Year 1!

Firstly, congratulations on how hard you all worked last week. I feel so encouraged by how quickly and without complaint that we all have adapted a new culture of learning and working for excellence; whether in the classroom with me or at home joining in as part of the class through your screens, you have all been superstars!

I’m excited for this week and for the lessons we are going to share together. I am continuing to work at adapting the lessons I had planned thinking we would all be together in the classroom and making them so that they’re suitable for online learning too.

Going forward I have changed how you are going to turn in the work you complete online.

From now on we will be using the ‘Assignments’ feature. This is so that we are in line with how the other year groups are doing things and also to make the way in which I am able to give feedback on the children’s work easier for me and more focused on each individual work.

Please note that the work I have assigned for each day will still also be found in the Class Materials folder as it was before.

Click on the Assignments tab
Here you will find the assignments I have created for today.
Clicking on an assignment will take you to this screen. Click on the work I have provided and from there you can print the worksheet for your child to complete.
Once your child has completed the work. Take a picture as usual and upload it using this icon.
Then click on this button to turn in your child’s work!
From there I can assign feedback to your child’s work!

Hopefully this change will be seamless. I know quite a few of you have other children in other year groups so will be used to this feature. I personally have only a little experience but I’m sure we will all learn quick. I have set the deadline for each work to be the following Friday.

I am assigning the feedback for the work completed last week tonight and tomorrow so keep an eye out for that. Especially in regards to the children’s big writes. Writing was something that as a school we recognised as suffering the most from last lockdown so will under the spotlight during this period of remote learning.

Hope you all had a restful weekend!


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Mr Markham

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