Afternoon learning -25.1.21

Good afternoon guys,

Well done for this morning, I think we made light work of finding the difference and I’m glad we managed to look a little more at bar models. I’m looking forward to reading your acrostic poems also!

Your afternoon learning looks like this,

For P.E,
I want you to combine movements. In the last few weeks we have practised movements such as jumping, clearing obstacles, or balancing along a line/beam. I would like you to combine travelling via two of these movements. For example, you might choose to balance along a line for 4 metres and then jump over an obstacle. Think of ways you can add challenge or flair to your movements!


For Geography,
I want you to create a list of 10 things that you usually only see in Winter. For example, snow would be something that you would likely only see in Winter. Can you think of 9 more examples and write them down for me please? This is a great exercise to help you think about the differences between the seasons which will be our topic soon.

Best of luck!

Christmas Snow GIF - Christmas Snow Snowflakes - Discover & Share GIFs

Mr Markham

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