Afternoon Sessions – 9.2.21

Good morning everyone!

Just to let everyone know that this afternoon I will be in a meeting straight after lunch which means I will be unable to give the first remote learning session on Teams. I have arranged the second session for the usual time and will use that one to go over the Science I have set today which is as follows:

Now that the children have created their pet and have began to have ideas about it’s habitat, they should go into further detail as to what care their pet will need and how that care will be given.

Firstly, consider your pet’s needs? What will it need to survive and live a happy life? What resources are needed for this care? What environment will be needed for your pet’s habitat? Is it possible for your pet to find its own habitat or will you need to make one for them?

How will you care for you pet? What are the rules and routines that you should follow?
What do you see as the biggest challenge you will face in caring for your pet? How do you see yourself overcoming this challenge.

Lastly, how will you know that your pet has been properly cared for?

I appreciate that this is a fairly big task if it is done correctly. If you would rather record yourself answering these questions rather than writing your answers down and submitting your work that way then that’s okay!

Best of luck everyone, see you later this afternoon!

Mr Markham.

1 thought on “Afternoon Sessions – 9.2.21”

  1. Thanks Mr Markham, great activity! Hope your meeting went well. We’ve done the audio version and a picture – well Daniel’s done the picture!! Where would you like us to upload / send it to?


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