Afternoon Learning 24.2.21

Good afternoon everyone!

This is the work to be completed for this afternoon:

For Jigsaw, we are looking at ‘Healthy Me’ this term. Listen to the song ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone -

We need to have the right fuel and care in order to ‘feel good’ and work properly. A car works the same way. It needs the right fuel and care otherwise it won’t work properly and this can be dangerous. Make a list of the right ‘fuels’ we need everyday to function and ‘feel good’. Write all of these inside of a body with big smiling head on top showing how you feel when you have the right fuel.


For R.E, we are looking closely again at the theme of courage. Do you remember what courage is? What does it feel like?

Let’s look at the Bible story of David and |Goliath. Is it a story you recognize?

How was David courageous in this story? How might he have felt before the fight? What were the consequences of his courage? Present your ideas any way you wish!


Best of luck guys,

Mr Markham

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