Carboard City and Friday talent show!

Good evening everyone! Two announcements to make…

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has contributed to the carboard collection thus far! We have a fair amount of carboard so far but will need more in preparation for the children building their model city either next week or the week after.

Brockley Central: Deptford's Cardboard City | The online home for all  things Brockley, London SE4

Secondly, Year 1 and 2 are putting on a joint talent show as a special project to help settle everyone back into school by giving them a chance to express themselves in a way that they see fit. I will be giving them sometime in school to practice but I would like children to spend some time rehearsing at home too. Ideally, it would great if everyone took part! If your child is anxious about doing a performance, then they can create a picture or express themselves in another way which can be shared in lieu of an actual performance in front of the two classes.

I hope everyone is doing well. I’m sure you are missing my lessons very much 😉


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Mr Markham

1 thought on “Carboard City and Friday talent show!”

  1. Thank you Mr Markham for letting us know regarding upcoming events happening in Year 1👍 Isla has been busy collecting various sized cardboard boxes for the cardboard city you are in preparation in making. She is also excited for the talent show Friday. Things like this are really helping her settle back into school after being off for so long.
    Our house is very quiet without the daily team lessons and the general involvement in the lessons in year 1!!!!
    Keep up the amazing work you and Mrs Agunsoye are doing👍
    Mrs Heath.

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