End of year – goodbye and thank you!

Hello parents and children previously of 1JM,

I have recovered from a very long session reading books at the local library after school last night and wanted to take the opportunity to reflect briefly on this year and to give a thank you from both Mrs Agunsoye and myself, for the very generous gifts and messages we received!

Around a year ago, when I met with the Reception teachers for a handover meeting to prepare me for this class, they gave a good summary at the end of all the usual notes about friendships, behaviour, and learning styles. They said that this class are by no means an easy class to teach, but they are the best class you can teach. A year later, I completely agree.

I have loved being your child’s teacher this year and I hope that in the reports the admiration and high esteem I hold for each of the children in 1JM is made clear. I have been blown away by how they have met the incredible challenges that they have been faced with and the continued motivation and willingness to learn that each child has brought to school, or to Teams, throughout the year. At times I may have dropped one of the many pins that I have to juggle (maybe some missed marking, missed deadlines, etc…). This has been a year of increased responsibilities within the school for me and also big changes outside of school too. However, I have always prioritised the children’s enjoyment and attainment and I am very proud of the excellent results we have enjoyed.

I am positive that next year will be another successful year for this wonderful group of children. Ms Malcolm is an outstanding teacher and I am looking forward to being blown away with the class’ progress as next year unfolds.

Both Mrs Agunsoye and I wanted to give a big thank you for our gifts too! We were blown away with the generosity and are both looking forward to using our vouchers. I want to give a special shout out to Mrs Agunsoye for her awe-inspiring work this year. I never appreciate her more than those moments when she’s not in class for an afternoon or (horror of horrors) a whole day. You might recognise those days as the ones where I hobble out of the building at 3.05 looking like I’ve gone 10 rounds with Tyson Fury. Mrs Agunsoye has been the class medic, confidant, mediator, motivator, mother and educator and I am so lucky to have had her as my TA this year.

I have a photo of the boat we all built with all the class in it but it’s at school. I will edit this post to add the photo in maybe tomorrow. I will also add in pictures of the school trip!

Thank you one last time for your support and feedback this year. I am eternally proud of being a part of this class’ culture and community during this challenging year.


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