Black History Month – a look across the school

Hello parents,

This is Mr Markham (History lead). I wanted to take this opportunity at the end of the month to share the work that the children across the school have been completing as part of Black History Month for October.

As Woodthorpe History lead, I’m committed to giving the pupils the true and diverse story of British and world History. Black History is not only studied during October, but forms as part of the different units across the school: from Ancient Egypt, to the History of communication, to the Victorians, the Romans, and beyond. This month is a celebration of these elements in History.

In Year 1, pupils had a first look at the city of London in preparation for the History unit on the Great Fire of London that they will begin next term. The unit focuses on how the fire became a catalyst for change for the city. One change that has happened in London since the 1950s has been the introduction of new people from different countries and cultures. The class discussed the advantages of diversity and celebrated London as a diverse capital city.

In Year 2, the class looked at the impact of recent black leaders in the community. Bukayo Saka is once such recent leader who’s talent and messages of compassion and strength in the face of racist abuse served as an inspiration for this display in the Year 2 classroom!

In Year 3, the class discussed the concept of inclusion vs segregation. As part of this, there was a focus on the efforts of the American Civil Rights movement in the 60s. The class listened to the famous ‘I have a dream’ speech given by Dr Martin Luther King jnr. Using this speech as inspiration, the class shared their dreams for a future of equality, compassion, and kindness. Great work Year 3!

In Year 4, the class have been examining the concept of ‘settlers’. This is a key concept as part of their study of the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, and Vikings and their impact upon Britain. The Windrush generation settled in the United Kingdom as part of an initiative to rebuild the nation after the effects of World War Two. The class discussed what those who came may have felt when they first arrived, the difficulties they faced, and what they might have said to people when they first came. Great work Year 4!

In Year 5, the class researched the achievements of black scientists and explorers and their impact upon space travel. Using computers, the children worked in groups to independently research facts and information about given black heroes, the racist barriers they faced, and how they overcame. Great work Year 4, keep up the fantastic development of your independent research skill!

In Year 6, the class have been studying the story, impact, and terror of World War Two. As part of this study, the class turned their focus to the heroics and service of this ‘non-white’ Allied soldiers. For example, the courageous Gurkha soldiers shown in the picture below. This task has been given as homework for the half-term so I’m looking forward to seeing the results. Best of luck Year 6!

I hope you enjoyed a look at how Woodthorpe celebrated Black History Month 2022! Have a wonderful, restful half term.

Mr Markham

WOW Active

As you may be aware, you child took part in a WOW active assessment this half term. This is similar to the termly Amaven fitness challenge days we have used in school previously. Your child will come home this evening with log in details to their profile. You can see their most recent scores and use the challenge cards to help them improve before their next assessment day in December.

Thanks for your continued support.